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Ramayana Series Part 12- Hanuman Triumph- Navigating Challenges on the Journey to Lanka

  • Posted on January 22, 2024
  • Religious

In the latest installment of the Ramayana series, Hanuman faces daunting challenges on his quest to rescue Sita from the clutches of Ravana in Lanka. Overcoming obstacles such as the majestic mountain Mainak and the clever serpent Surasa, Hanuman's unwavering commitment to Lord Rama's mission is put to the test. As he navigates the dangers of Lanka, Hanuman's courage shines through, setting the stage for more epic adventures in the Ramayana saga.

Ramayana Series Part 12- Hanuman Triumph- Navigating Challenges on the Journey to Lanka Image Source

Hanuman , the mighty monkey god and devoted servant of Lord Rama, embarked on a perilous journey to Lanka in his quest to find and rescue Sita, who was abducted by the demon king Ravana. Along the way, Hanuman faced two significant obstacles - Mainak, a mountain, and Surasa, the mother of snakes.

As Hanuman soared through the skies, he encountered Mainak, a majestic mountain rising from the ocean. Mainak, adorned with lush vegetation and fruit-bearing trees, invited Hanuman to rest for a while. However, driven by his unwavering commitment to Lord Rama's mission, Hanuman declined the offer, declaring that he could not rest until he fulfilled his duty.

Continuing his journey, Hanuman faced the challenge posed by Surasa, the mother of snakes. In a test of wits, Surasa expressed her intention to swallow Hanuman. Responding cleverly, Hanuman grew in size, matching Surasa's immense form. As she expanded to a colossal size of 100 yojanas, Hanuman reduced himself to a minuscule size, effortlessly entering and exiting Surasa's mouth, successfully overcoming the test.

Upon reaching Lanka, Hanuman transformed into a small monkey and stealthily explored the island in search of Sita. Discovering her in a beautiful garden guarded by demon women, Hanuman witnessed King Ravana approaching Sita with a proposal. However, Sita, unwaveringly devoted to Lord Rama, rejected Ravana's advances.

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Approaching Sita, Hanuman presented her with a special ring belonging to Lord Rama, establishing his identity as a messenger of Ram. Sita recognized the ring and shared a precious jewel from her hair as a token of offering for Rama. Before departing, Hanuman was captured by the demons guarding the garden.

Taken before Ravana, the demon king decided to set Hanuman's tail on fire. However, using his magical powers, Hanuman made his tail grow longer, exhausting the cotton and oil supplies of the demons. Eventually, despite the demons' efforts, Hanuman managed to escape, setting Ravana's throne ablaze and creating a fiery path across Lanka.

Hanuman, undeterred by the challenges he faced, leaped back to Rama, Lakshman, and the bears after dipping his tail in the sea. The saga of Hanuman's bravery and determination continued, with more challenges yet to unfold in the epic tale of the Ramayana.

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