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YouTube Not working On Android

  • Posted on November 15, 2022
  • News
  • By Akta Yadav

YouTube Not working On Android. YouTube not working cab be fixed with an immediate rebooting of the device very easily.

You may need to have an updated version of YouTube to run it. Old versions of YouTube usually show errors and do not work on the new versions of android.

YouTube is one of the largest informative and entertaining platforms around the world. YouTube brings you all types of information and entertainment in all types of languages.

You can find content from almost everywhere and get informed about cultures and even use YouTube for studying. News is also common on YouTube.

There are a lot of things and skills that you can gain from it. But if your YouTube is not working on your android then you may seriously want to throw away your phone. Before throwing or getting exhausted you should read this article as it may fix your YouTube issue.

YouTube Not working On Android

  • An immediate reopening
  • Immediate restart
  • Internet break
  • Setting date & time
  • Update YouTube
  • Storage space
  • Cache clearing

7 fixes to YouTube Not working

YouTube can stop working with glitches and issues like not having the latest version of YouTube. Sometimes the incompatible version of YouTube is the issue you are facing.

You can always get the incompatible issue solved with the update of your app. A compatible version is usually downloaded from the Playstore.

You can also check other issues like your phone having errors and not any proper update in your system. You can update your phone and try using YouTube after that.

If YouTube doesn’t turn on, then try resetting your phone and trying again with an update.

#1. An immediate reopening

If YouTube fails to turn on your phone, then you need start with simplest fix. You can close the YouTube app and restart the app.

Restarting YouTube has been reported to work most of the time and the cause of it is simple glitch or error that doesn’t let it run for the first time.

Other causes can include having an update which may require you to restart your app after closing it completely and not letting it run in your tabs either. Only after the YouTube tab has been closed in your android, the app is considered closed.

#2. Immediate restart

If the reopening of the app was not useful you can try the same thing with your hone. You can shut your phone down and power it on later and make YouTube work.

Though it’s rare to have to turn the phone back on again after an update, it’s not always the case. A glitch may force you to reboot your phone and get your device working.

You can start YouTube after a quick reboot and may start working again. Rebooting any android phone is really easy.

You can press and hold the power button of your device and a reboot option will appear in the menu under or above power off option.

The reboot option saves you from pressing the button to turn your phone on again. Just tap reboot or restart after pressing the power button and then tap yes. Try using YouTube after the reboot.

#3. Internet break

You may have a problem with not YouTube that is not fixed by reboots of the app or the device. You can approach this problem with different techniques as well.

YouTube is an online platform that requires internet to work. If you do not have internet on your android device, then YouTube may not work at all. You can see if there is no internet by checking the notification bar or top of the screen.

If you have noted that you do not have internet connection, you can always connect your device with it and then try using YouTube.

Getting internet here means both getting the connection and access on your device. You can either use Wi-Fi for tis and you may resort to mobile data in case you are not near your Wi-Fi or if you do not have Wi-Fi connection at all.

#4. Setting date & time

If restarting the app and the phone were not fixed, then you can check the date and time as the incorrect date and time for all the apps that use internet causes a problem.

You need to have the time zone matched with the date and time of your area. This means you need to reset your date & time as well.

You can rest the date & time of your device from your settings. Just go to the setting of your device and scroll down until you find the date & time option.

You will have all the settings you need from there. You can reset them manually by changing them and matching them with your timeline.

You can also press the automatic option and get them both set and matched with the timeline. Using automatic is much better.

#5. Update YouTube

Your YouTube may not be working because you are using a version of YouTube that is too old. Old version of YouTube stopped working with devices.

The new updates are the only updates that work on your device. Even if your phone is old you need to have the latest version of YouTube that is compatible with our device.

You can check the compatible version of YouTube from the internet and download the version from the browser if you want.

You can update to the latest version of YouTube very easily by using playstore as you can get the latest version that is compatible with your device without worrying about installing the wrong update.

Simply update or install the new version of YouTube and test your app again. YouTube will work if you have the version that is compatible with your device. You can use it very easily.

#6. Storage space

You may lack storage space if your YouTube is not working. If you lack space, then not only will YouTube not work but other apps that you use may not work either.

You can get YouTube to work by making enough space. If space is low, you will have a warning message in your notification bar. You can always take care of low storage space.

You can delete the unwanted files that are not of any use and the apps as well. This will make some space for your device and will allow YouTube to function properly. You can find other ways to make space as well.

#7. Cache clearing

If nothing else is working and clearing the storage space did not open YouTube for you, you can always try clearing the cache memory of the app.

You can go to settings and then to apps. You can tap YouTube in the apps and see the clear cache or data option. Just clear the memory from there and you may be able to access YouTube just like that.

The last word

YouTube not working can be a problem for everyone, especially for Youtubers. If you cannot access YouTube after trying everything above, you can access YouTube through the web.

The server may be down if YouTube doesn’t work in the browser either. Hope the article gets you what you need. Thanks for reading!

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