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Xbox One Turn on Issues? Let's Fix with me

  • Posted on November 2, 2022
  • News
  • By Akta Yadav

Are You facing problems in switching on your Xbox one? Here is the step-by-step guide to solving the problems related to this issue be if the Xbox one or X series, the problem of not turning on is usually related to the Xbox's power. Sometimes the user forgets to turn the power on or the fault resides in the plug. So check the power of the Xbox and make sure it's getting power. Other Xbox One not turning issues are discussed in depth. Read more below!

I was going to have a gaming tournament and when I turned on my Xbox One, nothing happened. My Xbox One was not powering on. I was devastated. I was planning on beating my friend at his own game and an issue was stopping me from teaching him the actual pro-style. Being a computer student and having Google IT support training helped me with that. I thoroughly searched for the flaws in my Xbox and fixed my console. 

  • Xbox Won't Turn On
  •  Unchecked outlet
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  •  Incompetent plug
  •     Causes
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  •  Power supply unit
  •      Causes
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  • Controller not working
  •       Causes
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  • The last word

Xbox Won't Turn On

I started the Xbox checking with the help of my IT support skills and the research I did on Xbox issues. The Xbox not turning on the issue was a popular issue. Although the issue was popular, there weren't many articles explaining the issue thoroughly.

So I worked on the Xbox issue and covered all the details that were regarding its power. Changing the power source of the Xbox should be the basic trick that should be performed. If power source failure was not the issue, then check the Xbox and see if its button is working. Let's see more.

Unchecked outlet

If the Xbox is not running, then the reason is the outlet. It's usually the first reason. The outlet supplies the power to the plug, and the plug supplies power to the power supply unit, and that's how it goes further. So if the outlet is not working, the result will be the uselessness of the device and it will not power on. The Xbox issue remains with it. 

You can encounter the outlet issue a lot. As it is related to the house wiring and house working issue is another issue, we will not go into detail about it.


The outlet issue can be caused if the fuse or the breaker to it is not working. The breaker can be off. The main power supply may not be connected to it. The outlet can have faulty wiring as well. The outlet can melt and that is pretty common. 


If the fuse or the breaker to the outlet is not working, you can turn the breaker on or replace the fuse. The best solution is to try another outlet. If the outlet is melted or faulty, you can replace the outlet. The outlet replacement is not a difficult thing, it can be done with basic tools. DIY is a good idea.

Incompetent plug

The power plug that you insert in the socket is an issue no one talks about. The power plug may have certain issues. The plug may have melted from the inside. You may notice the power plug melted from the outside as well. The melted power plug is not a problem you want.

If the power plug melts, then your Xbox will not turn on, but the melting issue doesn't just stop there. The melted plug can make the wires inside touch each other, causing a short, which is really dangerous, so the melting issue should be dealt with as soon as possible. 


The power plug melting issue or any fault in the power plug is usually because the power plug gets heated. It's caused when an overflow of current occurs. This current melts the plug and causes the issue. 


If you have a plug, that's faulty or damaged, you should replace it. The plug can be replaced like in any other console. There are tutorials present on the internet for that. 

Power supply unit

The most appealing issue is the power supply unit issue for all Xbox. The power supply unit converts the power into the amount needed by the console to run. It cuts the power off and converts the power that is suitable for the device. 

The power supply unit is hard-wired and is in DC. You can see the specifications of the power supply on it. The power supply can stop supplying power and that will not let your Xbox run. 


Usually, the power supply unit is not receiving the power itself to transfer, and that causes the issue. The power supply itself gets faulty when there is a power surge. The power supply can take physical damage when used roughly. Overheating the power supply can make it lose its function.


If you have a power supply unit issue, then try to get the power to the unit from another source. If the power supply unit looks broken, replace it. You should also replace the power unit if doesn't provide power after changing its source. 

Controller not working

You may be powering the Xbox with help of the controller but it may not work. The controller may not be connected or the controller may not have power. The controller issue is faced by a lot of users.


The reason the controller may not be working is because of the power. Your controller battery may be dead. If you are using a wired controller then the problem can be the button. The button can be faulty in wireless controllers too.


The controller can be charged or the battery can be replaced if it is dead. You may use another controller if the old one is not working. Try powering the Xbox from the console instead of the controller, it may work.

The last word


If you are having issues like Xbox one power supply voltage output, Xbox one x won't turn on, Xbox one power supply, Xbox series x won't turn on, and issues like that, The article will be helpful to you. You can fix your Xbox of any series that has a power issue through this. 

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Akta Yadav

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