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Voicemail Not Working On iPhone

  • Posted on November 10, 2022
  • News
  • By Akta Yadav

Voicemail Not Working On iPhone. Voicemail may be full and needs more space to be sent and receive. Carrier setting may not be updated.

Internet may be the issue of cellular data. Call forwarding may be off. Enabling it causes the issues in your device. Resetting your network can bring the solution to you. Ways to fix Voicemail in iPhone are below.

Voice mail and iPhone are pretty much great when you want to feel the person without having an actual call. You may have the last words of your loved ones from a far or good news you want to hear about with actual excitement in the sender’s voice.

You may be the sender yourself. Voice mail has become an important part of life. Voice mail is you advancing with the world.

But this advancement is paused when you cannot use your voicemail. Especially not being able to use voicemail in iPhone is really annoying.

Voicemail Not Working On iPhone

If voicemail stopped working on our phone, then you might want to throw your phone, But hold up you can fix voicemail issue so don’t throw it.

Voicemail issues in iPhone is easy to fix. You need to have allowed voicemail in your phone first. The app needs to have latest update. You may see that voicemail is not working because of having low storage space.

You can’t send even a text or receive without having space in your iPhone. Voicemail issues require physical checking as well. Let’s see below.

Unset voice mail

VMs sometimes do not work on the iPhone if the voice mail is not set on your device. You need to have the VMs set on your device before you can actually use them.

Turning the VMs on is not difficult. VMs do not require any difficult setting to be turned on. VMs may nee to have a new setup when there is an update in the application or the software.

You can turn VM on by tapping the VM section after turning the phone on. If you go to the setting of your device, then go to the phone section from there. Press 1 for a few seconds. This will call your voicemails and you can see them through there.

Rebooting phone

Sometimes the voicemail is not working because of some error so you can fix it with simple trick. This trick only requires you to reboot the app and after you have rebooted the app, VM usually starts working just after that.

You already know ye way to reboot your iPhone as it only requires you to power off and on your device. It may look ineffective, but a simple restart fixes most issues.

Restarting the internet

If you are having an issue with your device even after restarting it then you need to try this solution. You can just turn your internet off and then turn it on.

This works for both Wi-Fi and mobile data but it’s much more suitable for mobile data. You can turn the Wi-Fi off not from your device but from the router and then turn it on after 10 seconds.

This will refresh your router and you will get your internet back. It’s more like reconnection your internet with your phone and getting signals back. VMs need internet to work after all.

(TIP: In case of mobile data, turning airplane mode on and off really surprises)

Airplane mode

If you are using mobile data, you should know that it’s better to both have your phone in airplane mode as the mobile data doesn’t work when you are using it.

Airplane mode takes away the signal of your sim card and so your data doesn’t work. You can get the signal of your sim back and even use mobile after you return from airplane mode.

Using a phone without airplane mode is a good way to make use of your sim card. You can turn the airplane mode off through your settings.

Incorrect date and time

If airplane mode didn’t fix your VM issue, then you need to get to the next level and go to your settings. You need to set your date and time as it may be incorrect.

Accessing your settings is the only way you can change your date and time. The option of date and time can be seen by scrolling a bit in your settings.

Just tap date and time in the settings and you will be taken into your menu. Here you have the option of setting both date and time manually but just click the automatic setting and your time and date will be synced with your current zone or the set zone.

You can do the time setting manually if you want but automatic setting is more recommended.

Clearing app cache

If your VM doesn’t work even after doing so much, then you may have better luck by changing tact. Apps don’t work when their cache memory is full.

It needs to be cleared from time to time so that the app can access the content properly and work without having any other issue.

You can clear the app cache memory through the settings. Go to general and then storage option. Here tap the app you want to have cleared the cache of and press it.

You will see the VM app here. Clear the cache memory of Voicemail and you will this issue solved.


If the VM issue is not solved even after so many things, then you should check the storage of your phone. If you do not have enough storage in your iPhone, you will not be able to receive any voice mail.

You won’t be able to send either. In short, Voice mail will not work on your phone. You can see the storage option from your notification bar saying storage space low or running out.

You can tap it and clear enough data from your phone. You can also delete some apps and unwanted files to get the storage space.

Tech support

If nothing else works, contact Apple support. They will guide you through the whole problem. You can tell them the methods you have already tried for fast results.

The last word

If you are having an issue with Voice mail in your iOS device such as iPad or iPhone, then you want to get rid of it fast. Voicemail is an important source of communication.

You can fix your iPhone by yourself if you try the above tricks in an orderly manner. The article will guide you. Hope it was helpful. Thanks for reading!

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