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Union Cabinet Allocates Rs. 4,800 Crore for Vibrant Village Programme

  • Posted on February 17, 2023
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  • By Akta Yadav

Union Cabinet Allocates Rs. 4,800 Crore:-

On Wednesday, the Union Cabinet approved the allocation of Rs 4,800 crore to the 'Vibrant village programme' (VVP). This centrally-sponsored program aims to facilitate the development of villages within the northern border regions. An assembly has approved the budget allocation of 2022-23 until 2025-26, presided by prime minister Narendra Modi. It will comprise Rs 2,500 crore to fund road infrastructure development and infrastructure.

Anurag Thakur on VVP

The Union I&B Minister Anurag Thakur made a statement to the media that VVP was made public last year through the Central government. The program, he added, will fund the creation of vital infrastructure and for the creation of employment opportunities in the 19 districts and the 46 border blocks across four states: Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and the Union Territory of Ladakh along the northern frontier of the country.   Union Cabinet Allocates Rs. 4,800 Crore Union Cabinet Allocates Rs. 4,800 Crore Thakur said that the extensive development of the villages near the border with northern India would increase the standard of living of those who reside there and aid in encouraging people to stay within their home areas in these regions, thereby slowing out-migration and contributing to the security at the border. If the decision is related to enhancing the security of border villages that are part of China, The Minister made it clear that the areas in which development was not reaching and the inhabitants of these areas were required to move out of the room, a chance was offered to them to make sure they have jobs and opportunities for self-employment since the development will be reaching their villages along the same way as in other towns. "The PM has placed a high priority on the growth of villages, specifically in border regions and any other steps to ensure national security the Modi government has implemented. However, The Prime Minister also confirmed that equal opportunities were offered for border areas where development is still needed. Prime Minister Modi has considered this, something that no one else had previously thought of until now. "There is an abundance of beauty and potential in the border region, but the absence of development and opportunities in the border regions have forced people to relocate from the area. The people who had to move can now venture out to the border villages and witness the splendour of the villages of India," he said. According to the minister, the government's schemes must also reach the most remote villages in the border regions to ensure that border communities are lively. "You can see how this links to national security or the growth of these villages. There are many views. However, these villages will develop and are also significant in terms of security. "We have taken various measures to ensure the security of India. In the past, India was a supplier of military equipment; today, it exports as part of Make in India in the defence industry," Thakur said. In order to ensure that India is safe, we are taking measures to ensure its strength. He added that here we're discussing developing villages by providing basic facilities and making them safe. Thakur also said that the cabinet agreed to create a powerful committee to study VVP with specific guidelines. According to the minister, this will aid inclusive growth and maintain the population in regions bordering the border. Initially, 663 villages will be included in the program.

Vibrant Villages Programme: Execution and Outcomes

According to Thakur, the Vibrant Villages Programme is a centrally-sponsored scheme that includes both central sector schemes with 100% direct funding, as well as centrally sponsored schemes. The program includes ten sectors, such as promoting economic upliftment, generating livelihoods, improving road connectivity, providing energy solutions, developing cooperative sectors for continuous access to electricity and water, as well as fostering cultural tourism. He also said that existing plans of various departments and ministries that are part of the government would be included by VVP, and the results would be defined and tracked regularly. However, there will be no overlap between Border Area Development Programme. Border Area Development Programme, the minister stated. These villages are to be built as growth centers in the spirit of the hub and spoke model that promotes entrepreneurs and the empowerment of youth and women by empowering them through programs to develop skills, Thakur said. The program helps identify and further develop the economic factors based on the local natural human and the natural resource of the villages along the northern border. It will focus on the heritage, traditional knowledge and development of sustainable agricultural businesses based on the idea of one town and one product, said the official. This will be accomplished by involving a group of self-help communities, non-governmental organisations and agricultural societies, said the official. Union Cabinet Allocates Rs. 4,800 Crore Union Cabinet Allocates Rs. 4,800 Crore The exciting villages' action plan will be developed through the administration of the district, with the assistance of Gram panchayats. 100% saturation of state and central schemes will be assured. The most important outcomes that have been explored are connectivity to the all-weather road drinking water, 24/7 electricity using wind and solar energy that will receive a lot of attention, as well as mobile as well as internet connection; the statement said it added that tourist facilities multi-purpose centres, health and wellness centres are also planned.  For more updates keep visiting our website where we provide unbiased, true and top stories of the world.  
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