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Trump to Face Criminal Proceedings for His Role in Jan 6 Riots

  • Posted on December 20, 2022
  • News
  • By Akta Yadav
Trump to Face Criminal : United States former President Donald Trump is having a tough time these days. The Committee which has been investigating the role of Trump in the Capitol Riots on January 6, 2021, has decided to refer his case to the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) for Criminal Proceedings. On Monday, the group met in Washington, DC, to endorse its substantial chapter eight of the report. The report will be made public afterward. Trump to Face Criminal Trump to Face Criminal Trump to Face Criminal  Additionally, it voted to propose that Mr. Trump be charged with 4 of the felonies. For the very first time in American history, Congress referred a case for criminal prosecution as opposed to the previous president. In his welcome statement, committee head Bennie Thompson said this must never happen again if we want to live as a society of democracy and law. By sending Trump to the DOJ, the Jan 6 committee creates history. The Jan 6 committee has made history by sending former President Donald Trump to the Department of Justice (DOJ). This action is based on Trump's involvement in the attack on Capitol Hill, an event which occurred on January 6th. The attack was meant as an attempt to disrupt Congress' certification of President Joe Biden's electoral win and led to five deaths. Trump to Face Criminal Trump to Face Criminal Trump to Face Criminal  The Jan 6 committee was created by Congress so that they could investigate the events that transpired, and take appropriate actions. They have now decided to refer Trump for criminal investigation due to his role in inciting violence during the attack. The move marks a significant break from tradition as this is most likely the first time a former president has been referred for criminal prosecution while still in office. It also sets a precedent for future presidents who may be implicated in similar situations. However, the committee clarified that it intended to provide proof and a strategy for bringing charges against Mr. Donald Trump and several of his friends for federal offenses. Mr. Raskin explained why the committee thought the report had enough information to recommend that the justice department file a criminal complaint regarding Donald Trump.

It listed four possible charges, which are as follows:

• Obstruction of the official proceeding: According to the committee, Trump planned to "influence, obstruct as well as hamper" the joint congressional session on Jan 6, 2021, which intended to confirm Joe Biden's win. • Making deceptive statements: The committee felt that Mr. Trump and other people placed ballots of fake electoral votes to Congress" to obstruct the lawful credential of the election. • Conspiracy to commit fraud by the United States government: "Trump decided to get into arrangements, both official as well as informal, with various people who supported him to achieve illegal aims," according to Mr. Raskin. • Insurrection: The last accusation was called a "rebellion opposed to the power of the U.S.," according to Mr. Raskin. By supporting the assault on Jan 6 and doing little to stop it after that, the committee said the former president engaged in rebellion. Trump to Face Criminal Trump to Face Criminal Trump to Face Criminal  However, the committee's recent decision conveys a symbolic statement about the volume of information it has gathered as opposed to Mr. Donald Trump and the reason for his conduct, which may constitute several severe crimes. In a statement, Mr. Donald Trump, who already has previously called the committee's probe the witch hunts, said that the committee's actions had "strengthened" him. "They do not understand why, whenever they pursue me, individuals who cherish freedom come together. It encourages me. Things which don't kill me make me stronger." On the social networking website Truth Social, Mr. Trump published a statement.

The results lie in the DOJ.

The committee is scheduled to deliver its findings on Wednesday, local time. The extensive collection of evidence, which might number in the thousands of pages, is anticipated to contain the transcript of more than 1,000 witness statements. As per Politico, the report's specifics might prove crucial by "helping federal prosecutors choose which lead to follow and for which individuals may have broken the law themselves." However, for the time being, the decision to charge a former president lies with the DOJ. Just after the hearing, member of the committee Adam Kinzinger tweeted, We now look to the criminal law system to achieve justice underneath the law.
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