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Supreme Court warned Patanjali, ‘will rip you apart’ for misleading in ads

  • Posted on April 11, 2024
  • News

The Supreme Court strongly rejected the founders of Patanjali, Balkrishna and Ramdev,'s most recent apology on Wednesday, April 11, for the company's misleading advertising. The nation's highest court has expressed disapproval of the case's handling, warning that they are not fools and would not be forgiving. 

Supreme Court warned Patanjali, ‘will rip you apart’ for misleading in ads Image Source

The Uttarakhand licensing authority was harshly reprimanded by the court for their inaction after it determined that the national government's response was inadequate.

There's an apology in writing. Judges HimaKohli and Amanullah's bench said they reject this and consider it a deliberate violation of the agreement. The court chastised Balkrishna and Ramdev at the beginning of the proceedings for apologising to the media rather than the court. By drawing attention to the affidavits' late submission, Justice Kohli implied that the affidavit writers prioritised publicity over the case.

Despite claims made by defence attorney Mukul Rohatgi, the judge raised doubts about the sincerity and said the affidavits were poorly produced.

The court that reviewed the affidavits, Justice Amanullah, seriously doubted their veracity. He said it bluntly: "These affidavits seem to be a farce of the court process." Has anyone ever attempted to write them? I'm not sure I get it.

Rohatgi, the defence attorney, attempted to downplay the incident by claiming that it was a simple mistake. The judge retorted, "That's an understatement."

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The court stated that nothing had changed and asked, "Even after our explicit orders? Apologizing alone won't do. The consequences are what you will face if you disobey the court. In this case, we won't be forgiving.

The court decided that enforcing laws and making sure everyone abides by them is more important than penalising a single corporation. What did you do when the government told you to take down the advertisements? You brought up a certain court decision, a legal nitpick, in order to avoid any controversy. That shows a total disregard for the law and the people you are supposedly attempting to market to, on top of everything else. Saying you're sorry and expressing regret are not enough.

The problem was made worse by the court's decision to involve the Uttarakhand government.

They effectively wondered why no one in charge of licencing ever performed their duties. It appears that three officials were to be suspended immediately under the initial plan. The judges were enraged by these government personnel' inaction. In essence, they declared, "We vehemently disagree with your portrayal of those officers as 'well-meaning.'"This is too significant to overlook! That is why there is a chance for apex court to take needed action against them.

"We have strong objection to use of the word 'bonafide' for officers. We are not going to take (it) lightly. We will rip you apart" the apex court said this very strongly.


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