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Russia's so-called Glide Bombs Are Rooting Out The Hearts Of Ukrainian Cities

  • Posted on May 19, 2024
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Russia's glide bombs devastating Ukraine's cities on the cheap.


As already clear, the Russian offensive on Ukraine is not only being carried out by cheap and highly destructive' glide bombs', but the weapons are also raining terror on the cities and towns. This sort of homemade munitions, which is a modified Soviet bomb equipped with wings and a GPS guidance system, offer not a very expensive possibility for Russia to destroy fortified defensive positions with the same precision level as with precision-guided missiles.

In fact, for the last four days alone, the number of glide bombs can be estimated to be over 200, which were dropped on the small town of Vovchansk in the north of the region, as Russian forces crossed the border. "It was beyond anyone's words to describe how bad the situation after a glide bomb attack was!" - said the local police chief, whose job was to figure out who had to be removed from the bodies that were "fallen pieces" from the massive bomb. 5-ton bombs.

Tail warrants are a classic weapon employed, and this is due to its low cost, but still, it offers the required heavy impact against static Ukrainian targets. An individual glide bomb can carry more than 200kg of explosives, far more than artillery shells. Most of which are not equipped with precision guidance. Through this manner, Russians can keep gaining ground and remain unhampered in their way to completely obliterate Ukrainian defensive positions.

"This provides Russia with an opportunity to liquidate Ukrainian defensive lines without putting up its infantry," described Mariia Zolkina, a security analyst from Ukraine. "A surprisingly different impact is observed when bombs are dropped on targets compared to the artillery or even missile hits. "

The head of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that more than 3,000 glide bombs were sent to Ukraine last March. The unremitting nature of this warfare has led to the diminishing of morale, with city dwellers like Kharkiv just as endangered as soldiers at the frontline from the catastrophic destructive power of these very makeshift ammunitions that have become all-too-commonplace on our battlefields.

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Certainly, Ukraine is in a difficult position to stand up to the guided missile attack at its current stage.

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