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Researchers From Sheffield Are Responsible for Finding Uncommon Rings Around a Dwarf Planet

  • Posted on February 10, 2023
  • News
  • By Akta Yadav
Researchers From Sheffield :-
You can listen this article from here:-
Rings are considered to be unique and sparkling elements in our solar system. Recently, a group of astronomers have found that an extremely distant planet is surrounded by strange rings.  According to scientists, an icy dwarf circular body that doesn't quite satisfy all of the requirements of a planet, “Quaoar” has a system of rings at an impressively long distance from Quaoar. The result is surprising since astronomers did not believe rings could persist at such a great distance from the celestial body they orbited. Astronomers are still confused as to how such rings develop and survive. Researchers From Sheffield Researchers From Sheffield "Everyone learns about Saturn's wonderful rings as a child, so maybe this new finding will give more understanding into how they came to be" commented researchers from Sheffield University.  “There is no clear representation of Quaoar and the magnificent rings around a dwarf planet. Even our most powerful telescopes cannot resolve these relatively small objects as Quaoar is approximately half the size of Pluto”, added scientists from the Department of Physics and Astronomy in Sheffield University. Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn, as well as two smaller worlds named Chariklo and Haumea are known to have rings. And now Quaoar is added to this list of planets. Unlike Quaoar, the rings of other planets are much closer to their parent object. Previously, researchers believed rings couldn't exist beyond three planetary radius, however, Quaoar's rings are relatively exceptional. These rings are found at more than seven planetary radii. Researchers From Sheffield Researchers From Sheffield “In our solar system, we can certainly anticipate the unexpected. It was shocking to discover this new ring system in our solar system, and it was even more surprising to see the rings so far away from Quaoar, defying our previous views of how such rings originate around planets”, said an astronomer. For more updates keep visiting our website where we provide unbiased, true, and top stories of the world.  
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Akta Yadav

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