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PM Modi Chairs Crucial Meeting with Cabinet Ministers Today

  • Posted on June 26, 2023
  • News
  • By Kanupreet Kaur
PM Modi

After returning from his official visits to the US and Egypt on Sunday evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday presided over a crucial cabinet meeting in Delhi.

Amit Shah, Nirmala Sitharaman, and Hardeep Singh Puri, all Union Ministers, were present during the meeting of senior officials.

The meeting, held at the Prime Minister’s office, was attended by top officials and ministers from various ministries to assess the ground situation and devise a comprehensive strategy to address the challenges faced by the state.

The meeting began with a comprehensive briefing by the Ministry of Home Affairs, which provided an overview of the prevailing situation in Manipur. The officials highlighted the security concerns and the recent incidents that have raised tensions in the region. The Prime Minister carefully listened to the presentations and took note of the concerns raised by the officials.

Today, Amit Shah met with PM Modi to give him an update on the events in Manipur. Biren Singh, the chief minister of Manipur,
PM Modi Chairs Crucial Meeting with Cabinet Ministers

During the meeting, PM Modi stressed the need for a balanced approach to address the issues in Manipur, considering the state’s strategic importance and the aspirations of its people. He emphasized the government’s commitment to preserving peace, harmony, and development in the region. The Prime Minister underlined the significance of maintaining law and order while safeguarding the democratic rights of the citizens.

The ministers and officials present at the meeting also discussed the development initiatives undertaken in Manipur and reviewed the progress made so far. PM Modi expressed satisfaction with the ongoing projects and urged the concerned ministries to expedite their implementation to bring about tangible improvements in the lives of the people.

Additionally, the meeting addressed the issue of connectivity in Manipur. The Prime Minister emphasized the government’s commitment to improving road and digital connectivity in the region, thereby facilitating economic growth and better access to essential services for the people of Manipur. He directed the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, along with the Ministry of Communications, to expedite infrastructure projects in the state.

After returning from his official visits to the US and Egypt on Sunday evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi
The chief minister of Manipur, Biren Singh

PM Modi also stressed the importance of maintaining regular communication with the local administration, community leaders, and stakeholders in Manipur. He emphasized the need to engage in a constructive dialogue to understand and address the concerns of the people effectively.

The meeting concluded with the Prime Minister instructing all the ministries involved to work in coordination with the state government and take proactive steps to restore peace and stability in Manipur. PM Modi assured the people of Manipur that the central government is committed to their welfare and will leave no stone unturned to resolve the challenges faced by the state.

The meeting chaired by PM Modi signifies the government’s proactive approach to addressing the challenges faced by different regions of the country and reinforces its commitment to fostering peace, harmony, and development throughout the nation.

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