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Mann Ki Baat's Historic 100th Episode Broadcasts Globally From UN Headquarters: Bridging Language, Geography, And Social Class Across Every Home And Nation.

  • Posted on April 30, 2023
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From Karthiyayini Amma to the Sanitary Pad-Making Machine: Mann Ki Baat Highlights Achievements of Common Indians

100 Episodes of Inspiration: How Mann Ki Baat Transformed India's Social Landscape with a Monthly Radio Show

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly radio program, Mann Ki Baat, is set to make history with its 100th episode. The show, which began on October 3, 2014, has become a vital part of the Indian government's outreach program, connecting with various social groups, such as women, youth, farmers, and more, and has spurred community action across the country.


From Experiment to Phenomenon: Mann Ki Baat Inspires Positive Action and Celebrates Changemakers Across India

What started as an experiment has now become a nationwide phenomenon, influencing people towards positive actions and celebrating grassroots-level changemakers and achievements of people. According to studies, over 100 crore people have connected with Mann Ki Baat at least once, which speaks volumes about the show's popularity.


100 Episodes of Inspiration: How Mann Ki Baat Transformed India's Social Landscape with a Monthly Radio Show
PM Modi addressing the 95th edition of Mann Ki Baat radio program(Credit: HT)

India's Mann Ki Baat Goes International: 100th Episode to be Broadcast from UN Headquarters in New York

The 100th episode of Mann Ki Baat is set to create history as it will be broadcasted from the United Nations headquarters in New York, reaching out to audiences across the globe. Mann Ki Baat reaches beyond linguistic barriers, as it transcends into not only 22 Indian languages and 29 dialects but also 11 foreign languages, such as French, Chinese, Indonesian, Burmese, Baluchi, Tibetan, Pashtu, Persian, Dari, Arabic, and Swahili. It is being broadcast by more than 500 broadcast centers of All India Radio, making it accessible to millions of people across the world.


BJP Plans Historic Nationwide Outreach for Mann Ki Baat 100th Episode

The BJP is gearing up for an extravagant campaign to commemorate the 100th episode of Mann Ki Baat and make it an unforgettable milestone. Insiders have disclosed that the party is devising a plan to arrange amenities in every legislative constituency throughout the nation for individuals to tune in to the show. Doordarshan will be broadcasting the event live in various Raj Bhavans throughout India, while the Mumbai Raj Bhavan will be the venue for the gathering of Maharashtra's prominent personalities who have been referred to in previous episodes of Mann Ki Baat by the Prime Minister.


Mann Ki Baat's 100th episode was celebrated with the release of a commemorative stamp and coin at the National Conclave attended by Amit Shah, Ashwani Vaishnav, and Anurag Thakur

During the final gathering of the National Conclave on Mann Ki Baat @100, Union Home Minister Amit Shah expressed that the program has been an exceptional endeavor that has fortified the bedrock of democracy in the nation. In attendance were also Union Minister for Railways Ashwani Vaishnav and Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Anurag Thakur. Moreover, to mark the milestone of 100 episodes of the program, a commemorative coin and stamp have been launched.


Reviving All India Radio: Mann Ki Baat Brings New Life to Traditional Medium

In Shah's view, the advent of new technologies and communication channels had made All India Radio somewhat of a forgotten relic. However, with the introduction of Mann Ki Baat by Prime Minister Modi, the younger generation was successfully reconnected with this traditional broadcasting platform, breathing new vitality into it. In his statement, he highlighted that PM Modi had effectively brought All India Radio into the homes and villages of every citizen in the country. The program has served as a platform for the nation's optimistic energy and inventive prowess to be expressed.


The new book 'Collective Spirit, Concrete Action' delves into the impact of PM Modi's 'Mann Ki Baat program

The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting presented the Coffee Table Book 'My Dear Fellow Citizens…' which was unveiled by Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Wednesday. The book is a compilation of more than 100 inspiring stories shared by PM Modi during his radio program, giving readers a glimpse into the world of Mann Ki Baat. Dhankhar also released a book authored by Shashi Shekhar Vempati, former CEO of Prasar Bharati, called "Collective Spirit, Concrete Action," which delves into the program's impact on the nation.




Vice-President Dhankhar Lauds 'Mann Ki Baat' for Empowering Artisans and Uniting India

Dhankhar, who was addressing the national conclave 'Mann Ki Baat @ 100' in New Delhi, lauded the program's extensive reach and popularity, claiming it has made its way to every corner of the country, leaving no stone unturned. In addition, he praised the program for providing exposure and reputation to indigenous art and craftsmen, and for creating a platform for them to showcase their talent and sell their products.

Discover the history and impact of India's Mann Ki Baat radio program as it reaches its 100th episode, inspiring positive change and grassroots-level action across the country and beyond.
Live Mann Ki Baat 30th April Sunday


100 Episodes of Inspiration: Mann Ki Baat Empowers Communities to Drive Positive Change Across India

The Vice President said that as 'Mann Ki Baat' completes 100 episodes, it has become a symbol of India's cultural diversity and unity in diversity. It has transcended boundaries of language, geography, and social class and has brought together people from all walks of life. Mann Ki Baat has been instrumental in creating awareness among the masses on a range of crucial topics, including sanitation, healthcare, education, and social justice. The program has catalyzed motivating individuals to take action and initiate positive changes in their respective communities.


Changing India One Episode at a Time: 'Mann Ki Baat' Encourages Community Action

One of the most remarkable aspects of Mann Ki Baat is its ability to inspire community action. Several examples can be cited where people have taken up initiatives after being motivated by the program. For instance, in a village in Uttar Pradesh, a group of women launched a campaign to stop the use of plastic bags after being inspired by a Mann Ki Baat episode on environmental conservation. Similarly, a group of schoolchildren in Gujarat took up the task of cleaning a polluted lake after hearing about the importance of environmental conservation in one of the episodes.


From Karthiyayini Amma to the Sanitary Pad-Making Machine: Mann Ki Baat Highlights Achievements of Common Indians

The program has also been instrumental in highlighting the achievements of ordinary citizens who have done extraordinary work in their respective fields. For instance, in one of the episodes, PM Modi talked about 103-year-old Karthiyayini Amma, who had become the oldest person in Kerala to pass the 4th standard equivalency examination. In another episode, he talked about a young girl from Gujarat who had developed a low-cost sanitary pad-making machine to promote menstrual hygiene among rural women.


Celebrating 100 Episodes of Mann Ki Baat: A Catalyst for Positive Change

In conclusion, Mann Ki Baat has not only become an integral part of India's political landscape but also a reflection of the country's diverse culture and heritage. The program has not only served as a platform for the expression of the country's positive energy and creative power but also as a catalyst for positive change in society. The 100th episode of the program, to be broadcasted from the United Nations headquarters in New York, marks a historic moment for India and is a testament to the program's widespread popularity and influence.

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