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Laptop Keyboard Not Working, Do You Want to Know the Solution?

  • Posted on November 8, 2022
  • News
  • By Akta Yadav
Laptop Keyboard Not Working. There may be many reasons and as many solutions Read on to take a tour of this domain with me.

Laptop Keyboard Not Working. There may be many reasons and as many solutions Read on to take a tour of this domain with me.

A simple trick many use is just a quick restart may fix the issue. The second quick trick is cleaning the keyboard may solve your problem. But what if this does not work?

Checking if the appropriate drivers for the keyboard are installed in your laptop helps you understand the issue. Sometimes the laptop is not connected inside the laptop and that's why the keyboard is not working at all.

Low laptop power can sometimes stop your keyboard response. Being in IT support training proved helpful like always.

I went home from my university and found that my little brother was having an issue with his laptop. The issue he faced is the main topic of our discussion.

The keyboard of his laptop was not responding. He needed to get it fixed so he could complete his assignment. I told him not to worry.

It didn't take long to fix his keyboard. He told me that an article should be written on it and so here it is. Read more below! 

  • Laptop Keyboard Not Working 
  • Missing drivers 
  • Unmatched drivers 
  • Bug infiltration 
  • Dusty 
  • Damaged keyboard 
  • The last word 

Laptop Keyboard Not Working 

 Laptop needs a lot of components to work smoothly. Keyword is one of the components that is really important for the user to access everything of the device.

You may have typing work, or you just need to use the function keys to control the device, all of this can only be done through the keyboard. 

Keyboard issue can be both physical and related to the laptop’s software. The drivers and BIOS are included in software and dust and damage are included in physical issues. Let’s fix the keyboard. 

Missing drivers 

The second most common software issue is missing drivers. Sometimes your laptop doesn't have the drivers to run the keyboard.

Without drivers, the keyboard is useless. You may try doing physical fixes, but until the device does not have drivers, it will not work. 

This error can be seen in the settings of your laptop. Enter settings and go into device manager. You can see if the drivers are installed or not by clicking the keyboard.  


The drivers may not have been installed, or something may have removed them. The update of the driver may be the issue as it is originated when the keyboard drivers are not updated with time.

So, the missing thing can be the driver update. Bug infiltration can delete the drivers as well.  


You can install the drivers and get your laptop keyboard working. Updating the keyboard driver may be the fix you need.

Simply update them or install new ones and you have the full function of your keyboard at your service. You can see missing drivers in device setting. The fix to bug infiltration is below.  

Unmatched drivers 

This issue is not the most common one, but this can happen. In this keyboard not working issues, the keyboard has installed drivers, but the drivers are not suitable for your laptop and that causes the keyboard not to work. If wrong drivers are installed, then the mouse may not work either. 

Having appropriate drivers in your device is really important. You may even see a tet if this problem is on your computer.

The error will be saying " Device not recognized". If you are turning your laptop on, you may notice this error after the logo.  


The driver issue is caused by the installing of the wrong drivers. This issue used to be in old laptops, but the issue can sometimes occur if you are using a particular driver. This issue can occur in your laptop with not just internal keyboard but with an external keyboard.  


The fix to this keyboard is to get relevant drivers installed in your laptop. You can download the drivers by checking the model and finding the provider of that set.

The best is to use "driver pack solution" as you do not have to find the suitable drivers manually. Driver pack downloads all the drivers you need just by selecting the device.  

Bug infiltration 

Sometimes your device gets glitched because of bugs and this causes the device not to work. The glitches may appear time to time and your keyboards stop responding because 0f them.


Bugs can and your laptop through the internet or portable media. The bugs can form with in the system because of data stored in it.

The bug may have been in some software you recently installed. Some action might have triggered the bug in an older software.  


You can fix the bug issue by getting some anti virus software installed in your system. System cleans up can also clear bugs.

Uninstalling unwanted software in the laptop gives you a chance to get rid of the bugs as well. It's better to avoid using software from non-trusted sources.  


The keyboard sometimes doesn't work because of dust. The dust either prevents you from pressing the buttons smoothy or completely jams the button.

The dust can get inside the keyboard and stop the keyboard connection. If the dust gets inside too much, the connection of the device with the keyboard may get bad.  


The origin of dust inside the system is a lack of cleaning. If the keyboard is not cleaned from time to time, the dust not just disrupts the keyboard, but also messes with the fan of the laptop.

There have been cases of laptops getting overheated because of dust and then getting out of order completely.  


If dust is the reason causing the keyboard to not work, you can clean the keyboard and it will get its functions back.

There are cleaning chemicals for keyboard and tools that can remove all the dust. Keeping the keyboard clean can prevent the not working issue of keyword and other dust issues in your laptop.  

Damaged keyboard 

If the dust is not your problem, then your keyboard may have some physical damage. The physical damage may be visible or not.

Usually, physical damage can be seen on the buttons. The physical damage may not be on the buttons, but inside the laptop. 

The strip of the keyboard can be included in physical damage. The physical damage can also be in the slot of your motherboard.  


The damage on the keyboard occurs because of rough use of the keyboard. Pressing the buttons with too much force damages the keyboard as well.

The keyboard gets damaged with the rough handling of the laptop. The keyboard may have only gotten loose because of some shock. Falling of the laptop can be the reason for a loose keyboard as well as a broken keyboard.  


In can case of a loose keyboard, you can reattach it and it will work. But if the keyboard is broken, you will need a matching keyboard that works with it.  

(Tip: If you want to save cash, you can use a portable keyboard with it, and it will work) 

The last word 

If you are having a keyboard issues, then you just got the right article. Both physical and software issues are discussed in the article.

Trouble shooting laptop keyboard is now something you don't need a professional for. Hope it was helpful and thanks for reading!

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Akta Yadav

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