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First Clear Image of Gigantic Black Hole Produced with the Help of AI Stuns Astronomers

  • Posted on April 14, 2023
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First Clear Image of Gigantic Black Hole:-

In pioneering AI magic, a gigantic black hole hasbeen stunningly zoomed and completely sharpened at 100% resolution in what is being said as the first and only direct image of a Black hole.

First Clear Image of Gigantic Black Hole
First Clear Image of Gigantic Black Hole

The M87 Black Hole's 2019 picture taken by the Event Horizon Telescope has been sharpened by astronomers.

The 2019 image was captured by bringing together radio lights that have travelled 53 million light years in space producing a black hole the size of the solar system at the centre of the Virgo Galaxy.

 The previous image has been re-edited and sharpened to 100% resolution displaying a "skinny donut" of trapped gases glowing and surrounding the dark and large central region. 

The Astrophysical Journal letter published the image on April 13, 2023. The lead author, Lia Medeiros, astronomer at Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey said, "With our new machine learning technique, PRIMO, we were able to achieve the maximum resolution of the current [telescope] array. Since we cannot study black holes up close, the detail of an image plays a critical role in our ability to understand its behavior. The width of the ring in the image is now smaller by about a factor of two, which will be a powerful constraint for our theoretical models and tests of gravity".

The Black Holes holding power to even absorb light, having enormous gravitational pull, complicate their visibility. The Accretion Disks surrounding these black Holes demarcate their boundary by glowing red hot due to friction in gas clouds. The Event Horizon Telescope was used to detect these boundaries.

The faint yet detectable glow produced a fuzzy image of the Messier 87 blackhole which was then sharpened by the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to clearly define the irregularities.

First Clear Image of Gigantic Black Hole
First Clear Image of Gigantic Black Hole

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