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Earthquake and Lunar Eclipse:  Are They Related?

  • Posted on November 11, 2022
  • News
  • By Akta Yadav

Earthquake and Lunar Eclipse: Are They Related. The recent earthquake in Delhi on the same day when there was a Lunar Eclipse in the country has raised many questions in our minds.

We are forced to think if there is any connection between an earthquake to the Lunar eclipse.  If we go by the empirical data on the day of the lunar eclipse and earthquake then the data will surprise many.

Well, the universe is full of surprises, and we are still trying to reveal its secrets. Every single day we get to know more about it when we explore it to quench our thirst for knowledge.

Considering that earthquakes and lunar eclipses both are natural phenomena and happen when there are any changes in a natural cycle. So explain of the reasons and consequences of both is available in Science.

We in India, believe that different belief system which is based on our ancient literature. However, the belief is supported by scientific reasoning.

The researchers also have linked earthquakes with lunar eclipses. On Tuesday there was the last eclipse of the year, right after that on Wednesday Nepal was jolted by an earthquake of 6.3 on the Richter scale.

When everyone was busy sharing images of the blood moon. The waves of the earthquake were felt in Dehli NCR too.

There has been numerous speculation and unsubstantiated theories that have done the rounds linking the two phenomena.

Earthquake and Lunar Eclipse:  Are They Related?

How do lunar eclipses and earthquakes happen

Earthquakes usually happen due to tectonic movements in the earth's crust. With the sliding of tectonic plates over each other, the disturbance caused results in the underground rapid and sudden movement which finally creates seismic waves of destruction of widespread magnitude.  

Now let’s understand how lunar eclipses occur. During the time of eclipse Earth, Moon, and the Sun all three come in the greatest alignment.

When it happens, Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon which blocks the sunlight falling on the moon. The Moon’s surface is covered by the shadow of the earth.

And we all know that the Moon shines only with the help of the rays of the Sun. Thus when the shadow of Earth falls on Moon the Sunrays are obstructed from reaching the Moon.

This results that part of the Moon becoming dark and not visible from the Earth. This is called the Lunar Eclipse.

Many scientists have researched the relationship between eclipses and earthquakes. It is concluded that the Moon’s gravity affects the earth.

It is well-defined fact that the Moon’s gravity is the reason behind the tidal movements in the large water bodies on Earth.

Similarity, can be said that the same gravitational pull of the Moon may result in a similar action in Earth’s other parts also.

This may result in the bulging of the Earth’s other parts also bodies in alignment. It is suggested that They are at greatest alignment during eclipses.

It is discovered that every earthquake which happens against the lunar eclipse and solar eclipse measuring greater than 6.5 in magnitude since 1973. Which is as far back as the USGS records. There is another study that might approve the prediction.

The lunar radio flux during the Leonid meteor shower and lunar eclipse. But as we know it is just a prediction many factors and studies approve of it and many are against it.

However, it is quite interesting that many deadly earthquakes occurred after the eclipse but only the prediction won’t answer the questions.

It is potentially opening the door to determining when and how earthquakes occur. When earthquakes occur, greater attention is given to tidal stress.

If you are thinking about recent earthquakes and eclipses, you are lucky enough to be in the path of this interesting memory or universe secret.

Do not think about the earthquakes just enjoy the darkness during the middle of the day or the beautiful Blood Moon at the night.

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Akta Yadav

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