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DLC for Pensioners: The Latest, Simplest, and Easiest Ways

  • Posted on December 12, 2022
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  • By Akta Yadav
DLC for Pensioners: Submission of a Life Certificate every year is mandatory for pensioners in order to keep their pensions credited regularly to their bank accounts. Prior to 2014, the procedure was that the pensioners had to visit their banks and submit the Life Certificate in paper form in front of the bank officer and thus prove that they are alive and their pension should be continued. This was an annual affair and the old pensioner who are mostly senior citizens were bound to the banks and stand in long queues for submission of life certificates.
DLC for Pensioners The Latest, Simplest, and Easiest Ways DLC for Pensioners   However on 10th November 2014, Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi inaugurated the new digital initiative of the Digital Life Certificate for pensioners. This could be possible due to biometric data availability with the aadhar of the pensioner due to which identification of the pensioner was made possible. The paradigm shift in the process was that the individual pensioners were saved from traveling to their banks and standing for long hours to submit the paper form life certificates. With the new system in place, it was made possible that the pensioner can submit the Digital Life Certificate from anywhere in the world from the comfort of his home if has a device that can capture biometric data. To explain the process for general use of the pensioners let us read this article. The government of India has launched a dedicated portal with the name Jeevan pramaan for this purpose which can be accessed by clicking on this link Jeevan Pramaan:: Life Certificate for Pensioners ** DeitY ** Government of India.   Till today a total of 682.46 Lac Jeevan Pramaan certificates have been submitted since 2014 on this portal.  The portal provides a number of options to submit the Digital Life Certificate. The pensioner can now submit the DLC in any part of the year which is convenient to them. The DLC will be valid for one year from the date of submission.

1. Banks

The First option is that the pensioner can visit any bank and any branch to submit their digital life certificate online. The only thing they need to do is to carry their Pension Pay Order, and Aadhar card and they will have to provide the OTP received on their aadhar linked mobile number. The process hardly takes a single minute and the DLC of the pensioner gets submitted on the portal which will further send the data to the concerned Pension Disbursing Authority which will verify the data if found correct then the DLC process is for one year. The pensioner is not bothered thereafter for one complete year.

2. Post Offices:

Govt of India has asked all the Post Offices in every nook and corner of the country to submit the DLC of pensioners without considering whether the pensioner belongs to that branch or not. Now the pensioner can submit DLC from anywhere through these post offices which is convenient for them to access.
  1. By calling the Postman at Home: The Govt of India has also provided this facility to the pensioners to submit their digital life certificate. They need to download an app called POST INFO APP from the google play store and follow the instructions given therein to avail of this facility. The Postman will carry the handheld biometric devices linked with the Jeevan Pramaan portal. This way they help in the submission of the DLCs from any place they visit during their usual duty of the dak.
  2. India Post Payments Bank: On a very nominal fee of Rs 70/- the IPPB offers submission of DLC for the pensioners. There will be no extra charges for doorstep services for this purpose. The information about the nearest point of contact can be had from its website at

5. Kiosks:

Another option available to the pensioners is Kiosks: The public service delivery kiosks can be approached for submission of the DLC. They have a biometric device that can verify the aadhar linked biometrics and thus verify the identity of the pensioner. This way the DLC can be filed from any nearby kiosk.

6 Internet Café:

One more way to submit DLC ie any internet café: The pensioner can go to the internet café and submit their DLC. These internet cafes have authorized devices for biometric reading and use the Jeevan Pramaan portal for connecting and verifying the aadhar linked biometric data which proves the identity of the pensioner. This facility is indeed a boon for senior citizens.

7. Umang App of Govt of India:

This app also has the feature of digital life certificate submission. The only thing one has to do is attach a registered biometric device with the mobile and use the Umang app for submission of a digital life certificate.  The govt has provided a list of authorized devices for this purpose which one must check before proceeding to use this method. This app can be accessed at the portal
  1. Any Mobile phone: Now the revolutionary service for submission of DLC has been provided by the Government of India, Department of Pension. In this, any pensioner can submit the DLC from his own mobile by using the authorized and registered devices for capturing biometric data. The devices can be verified from the Jeevan pramaan portal. These devices include fingerprint sensors and Iris reader devices of Mantra Softech Pvt limited device MFS-100 and Startek FM 220U are the authorized devices. More details about this can be accessed from

9. EPFO:

One easy and most accessible way of submitting DLC by the specific pensioners of EPS is the EPFO. Digital Life Certificates can be easily submitted by pensioners through the Regional Offices and District Offices of EPFO spread across the country. They even facilitate on-demand service of DLC for those EPS pensioners who are not able to submit the DLCs through any mode due to some medical conditions, then they send their representative with the handheld biometric device and register the Digital Life Certificate of their pensioners.
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