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1. Over 25,000 women and children killed by Israel in Gaza- Pentagon chief      2. Union Home Minister Amit Shah & BJP national president JP Nadda arrive for the BJP CEC meeting at the party headquarters, in Delhi.      3. US State Dept: US in touch with senior israel govt officials on thursday on aid-related incident where dozens died in Gaza      4. New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives for the BJP CEC meeting at the party headquarters.      5. West Bengal: PM Modi will hold public meeting in Arambagh Hooghly and inaugurate government projects.      6. Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, BJP Leader Prahlad Patel, and Madhya Pradesh BJP President VD Sharma leave from BJP headquarters, in Delhi.      7. At least 43 people have died in a fire in Bangladesh's capital city of Dhaka, reports AFP, citing the health minister of Bangladesh.      8. US says it struck missiles, drone that posed threat to Red Sea ships      9. Air Intelligence Unit of Trichy Airport seized 1061 grams of 24 carat Gold: Custom Officials      10. Hospital official says 50 killed as Israel fires on Gazans 'storming' aid trucks      11. First commercial semiconductor fab to be setup by Tata and Powerchip-Taiwan in Dholera      12. PM Modi lays the foundation stone and dedicates to nation multiple development projects worth about Rs 17,000 crore across Madhya Pradesh via video conferencing.      13. We are approaching ensuing elections with an aim to make India world’s third largest economy, says PM Modi      14. PM to address 'Viksit Bharat Viksit Madhya Pradesh', inaugurate Rs 17,000 cr projects      15. Uttarakhand Governor sends bill to President Droupadi Murmu for final approval      16. Bill to enshrine abortion rights in France's constitution passes the country's Senate, clearing a key hurdle (AP)      17. S Korea’s fertility rate, world’s worst, plunges yet again      18. Harry loses legal challenge over security downgrade      19. Elon Musk tweets "A change is coming to our recommendation algorithm that will ensure that all your followers see your pinned posts. This only applies to one pinned post every ~48 hours to prevent gaming of the system."      20. TMC leader Sheikh Shahjahan arrested by West Bengal Police from the Minakhan area in North 24 Parganas and taken to Basirhat Court: SDPO of Minakhan, Aminul Islam Khan     

Chanakya Niti VS Corporate Practices; Management Mantra by Chanakya

  • Posted on January 14, 2023
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  • By Akta Yadav

Management Mantra Vs Chanakya Nit

   Auhor:Kanupreet Kaur   The Mauryan Empire's first emperor, Chandragupta Maurya, appointed Chanakya, Kautilya, or Vishnugupta, as his prime minister. He was also an educator, a philosopher, and perhaps India's first economist. He is also the creator of the Arthashastra, a classical Sanskrit work on politics, strategy, and economics.   The Arthashastra is regarded as a training handbook that helped Chandragupta’s transition from a commoner to a king. Like empires, several businesses are established and then fail over time. But some enterprises make history. They persist for a very long time and develop distinct personalities.   Excellent leadership is the key to their success. Company acumen, moral character, and performance are all factors that great business executives successfully balance. The Arthashastra of Chanakya has certain management principles that may be studied. Leadership skills are still applicable for business leaders operating their empires from corporate offices today.   Your People, Come First   "The King's happiness and well-being are rooted in the happiness of his subjects. He will treat as helpful to him whatever pleases his subjects rather than merely considering as excellent what pleases him."   Chanakya Niti Chanakya Niti A King should always put his subjects before himself, according to Chanakya. The commoners make the king. Therefore, the king's very survival rests on the contentment and welfare of his subjects. Today's company executives should prioritize their employees over themselves when making decisions.   Peers and followers should always come first for a good leader. Every individual matter in a company. No task is little or unimportant. These fundamental ideas are taught in business schools today, but Chanakya practiced them in his time. A guy ahead of his time, he was.   Every individual in an organization deserves the respect they deserve since their development is essential to the organization's success. Leaders frequently become so enamored with their titles and advantages that they ignore their followers.   Putting the needs of your team above your own is one of the secrets to becoming a great business leader. Always keep in mind that satisfied consumers are the result of happy employees.   People in power must be accessible.   "When in the court, he shall never let his petitioners wait at the door," the law states. "A monarch may be sure to foment uncertainty in business and to produce thereby popular disaffection, and himself prey to his foes."   Chanakya Niti Chanakya Niti Kingly entourages consisting of noblemen and ministers are not unusual. He jeopardizes his kingdom and himself if he refuses to listen to and be approachable to his subjects. Similarly, for those at the top of a corporate environment, it is a widespread complaint that CEOs do not listen to their employees.   They hear only those in positions of authority or parity. The best concepts occasionally emerge from unexpected sources. Since they frequently interact with customers, your staff are in a unique place better to understand their wants and preferences than anybody else.   Maintaining open lines of contact with your frontline staff may enable them to provide you with suggestions that will keep business miles ahead of your rivals in the market.   Great business leaders distinguish themselves from the competition by maintaining open lines of communication horizontally and vertically. An intelligent company leader takes the time to respond to questions and clarify their deliverables because they understand the value of effective communication,   It's crucial to close the gap between you and your people through improved communication and occasionally personal encounters.   People should be held responsible for their efforts.   "Those who provide harsh punishment are despised by the populace, while those who administer light punishment are despised. However, whoever administers punishment as necessary gains respect. In contrast, when punishment is improperly administered due to greed, rage, or ignorance, it enrages everyone—including hermits and ascetics who live in the forest—not to mention ordinary citizens. This is because punishment when administered with due consideration, causes people to be committed to righteousness and produce good and enjoyable works."   Chanakya thought rewarding those who perform well encourages them to keep up their best work. It's critical to hold employees responsible for their successful and unsuccessful job. It's essential to reward and support those who perform well. Place the underperformers on the spot. Your top performers will perform even better if you reward them. Additionally, it positions them as role models that others would like to imitate.   Business executives, though, need to be careful not to overwork the top performers. Good performers frequently receive more responsibility, while underperformers only must accomplish the bare minimum. Your top achievers will get resentful if you put too much pressure on them.   Conclusion   Chanakya's old wisdom is just as applicable today as it was hundreds of years ago. We strive to be like the most successful business people today. But the great Chanakya was already imparting the fundamentals that we now study at top business schools. He changed Chandragupta from a commoner to the Indian empire's first emperor, Chandragupta Maurya.   Do visit our website for such articles where we share Top Stories of The World,  
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