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Assam Speaker’s Extravagant AC Usage Amidst Controversial Power Bill Remarks

  • Posted on June 8, 2023
  • News
  • By Kanupreet Kaur
Assam Speaker's Unconventional Advice Amid Rising Electricity Bills Draw Criticism

Assam Speaker:-

In a surprising turn of events, an Assam Speaker has found himself in the eye of the storm. The speaker’s official Resident has come under scrutiny for running an astonishing 22 air conditioning units simultaneously.

This extravagant usage has raised eyebrows, especially considering the speaker’s controversial remarks regarding rising power bills. 

Can’t pay your electricity bill? Controversial speech of the Speaker of the Assam Assembly
Can’t pay your electricity bill? Controversial speech of the Speaker of the Assam Assembly

The Controversial Remark:

The Assam Speaker recently made headlines when he expressed his concerns over the escalating power bills faced by citizens. 

His statement, which gained significant attention, emphasized the need for measures to address the financial burden imposed on ordinary people due to increasing electricity charges.

The Speaker’s remarks struck a chord with many, resonating with individuals grappling with the impact of rising utility costs.

The AC Extravaganza:

However, the speaker’s plea for affordable electricity took an unexpected turn as reports emerged about the excessive use of air conditioners at his official residence.

A staggering 22 AC units were found to be operating simultaneously, painting a stark contrast to his purported concern for rising power bills.

This revelation sparked controversy and led to questions regarding the Speaker’s commitment to his own message.

Implications and Way Forward:

The Assam Speaker’s controversial AC usage highlights a broader issue surrounding the responsible use of energy and the public perception of leaders’ actions.

As public figures, elected officials carry a responsibility to set an example for the citizens they represent. In this case, the speaker’s excessive AC usage raises questions about his commitment to the cause he championed.

Moving forward, it is essential for leaders and public figures to ensure their actions align with their words. Public trust is easily eroded when inconsistencies emerge between rhetoric and behavior.

By acknowledging the impact of their actions and striving for sustainable practices, politicians can demonstrate their genuine concern for the welfare of their constituents.


The Assam Speaker’s indulgent use of 22 air conditioning units at his official residence, amidst his controversial remarks on rising power bills, has ignited a debate regarding his credibility and commitment.

While public figures have the right to enjoy a comfortable living space, it is crucial for them to exhibit responsible energy practices.

Congress MLA Follows Assam Speaker's Advise of Sitting Under Tree To Reduce Electricity Bill
Congress MLA Follows Assam Speaker's Advise of Sitting Under Tree To Reduce Electricity Bill

In an era where environmental concerns and affordability are at the forefront, leaders must be conscious of their actions and Work towards setting an example that resonates positively with the public.

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