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A Missed Opportunity with a Loose Screenplay - Movie Review Sir Madam Sarpanch

  • Posted on April 13, 2023
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 After returning from the US, a young woman decides to honorher late father's memory by opening a library in her village. However, her plans take an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with a local politician, leading her to run for the her late father's memory by opening a library in her village. However, her plans take an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with a local politician, leading her to run for the position of Sarpanch. As the election approaches, the question on everyone's mind is whether she will emerge victorious and be able to bring much-needed development to the village. Will she be able to overcome the odds and fulfill her father's legacy?




The film is inspired by real-life events, where a young medical student ran for and won the position of Sarpanch in her ancestral village. The story revolves around Ana (played by Ariana Sajnani), who wishes to fulfill her father's last wish by opening a library in Badgaon, Madhya Pradesh. The film's opening sequence features a humorous altercation between a mobile-addicted grandmother (Seema Biswas) and her granddaughter and daughter-in-law, setting the stage for an eccentric rural tale with quirky characters.


Ana moves to the village and discovers that a local politician named Bhaiyyaji (Bhagwan Tiwari) has illegally taken over her father's house, the same place where she intends to set up the library. Determined to fulfill her father's dream and take on the corrupt politician, Ana embarks on a journey to make a difference in her village.


The film captures Ana's struggle to overcome the challenges that come with her newly acquired role as Sarpanch and bring about positive change in her village. It showcases the realities of rural India while highlighting the resilience and strength of its people. With its blend of humor, drama, and emotion, the film promises to be a heartwarming tale that will leave a lasting impression on its viewers.


In the beginning, Sir Madam Sarpanch exhibits potential as Ana faces obstacles in realizing her virtuous objective. The local authorities colluded with Bhaiyyaji to thwart her efforts, imposing unreasonable requirements such as obtaining numerous NOCs. However, the plot takes a surprising turn when Ana discovers an alternative approach - contesting the Sarpanch election - to rectify the village's injustices. Subsequently, the storyline fails to captivate the audience and appears implausible due to Bhaiyyaji's character.


Morchhale's direction in the film is satisfactory, but a stronger script and screenplay would have improved the overall quality. Mohammad Reza's cinematography successfully captures the essence of the rural setting, both indoors and on the streets. Sahil Kulkarni's opening track is pleasing to the ear and provides the movie with an excellent start.


As the lively and irreverent Amma, Seema Biswas gives a captivating performance. Bhagwan Tiwari's portrayal of a character that is both menacing and comical is also noteworthy, and his interactions with his three sidekicks are sure to elicit laughter from the audience. Ariana Sajnani, on the other hand, delivers an acceptable performance in her role. Her American accent, however, lends authenticity to her character.


The movie has its moments of entertainment, particularly if you appreciate uncomplicated narratives that take place in rural settings. If that's the case, then this film may be worth checking out.


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