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1. Chaos At Akhilesh Yadav's Azamgarh Rally, Days After Disturbance In Prayagraj      2. PM Modi: I don't have any successor, people of this country are my successors      3. Indian flag at half-mast as nation mourns death of Iran President Ebrahim Raisi      4. Delhi high court denies bail to Manish Sisodia in all cases linked to liquor policy      5. One dead as Singapore Airlines flight from London hit by severe turbulence      6. "Making Watertight Case": Pune Top Cop To NDTV On Porsche Crash That Killed 2      7. "Outrageous": Biden Slams World Court's Request To Arrest Netanyahu      8. Oil prices rise after Iran president's death, brent crude at $84.24/bbl      9. With 59% voter turnout, Baramulla breaks previous poll record      10. Delhi Records 47.4 Degrees Celsius, 'Red Alert' Issued For Next 5 Days      11. Lok Sabha elections: Phase 5 sees over 60% turnout, highest in Bengal with 74.6%      12. Pune Teen Driver's Father Arrested After Porsche Crash Killed 2      13. 2 people missing after a boat capsized in Ganga River in Mahavir Tola village      14. Saudi crown prince meets White House national security adviser      15. Pick-up vehicle overturnes in Kawardha area      16. Professor at the department of Medicine at AIIMS Dr Neeraj Nischal spreads light on heat wave      17. Fire breaks out at cloth shop in Delhi's Karol Bagh      18. Mumbai police received bomb threat call      19. Dominicans to vote in general elections with eyes on crisis in neighbouring Haiti      20. 2 people missing after a boat capsized in Ganga River in Mahavir Tola village     


  • Posted on November 29, 2022
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  • By Akta Yadav
Are you looking for some very effective and time-tested strategies to increase your customer base? Are you tired of not getting results with your current social media efforts? Then you are at the right place to read this article which is exactly the answer to all your questions on what you need to implement the right social media strategies for the customer engagement you have been looking for! USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR INCREASING    
                                      CUSTOMER   ENGAGEMENT
In today’s advanced age, social media is king. If you use these platforms wisely, you can grow your business or services exponentially. In simple words, Social media marketing is nothing but using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, and other relevant social media platforms specifically and judiciously to sell your products or service or to expand and promote your brand.   Here are a few simple yet effective social media marketing strategies that can help your business or services grow manifold:     Track your performance:  Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook require you to post frequently to stay relevant. Posting regularly and not getting positive results may shake your confidence and enthusiasm. You might begin to question your strategies. This is where tracking and analysis come into place. You need to analyze what content is working for your business and in what areas you need to improve. You can always mix, match, and experiment to see what strategy works for you. It would be best if you played smart while gaining customer engagement and when done right, it will show you exceptional results.   Know your audience: It would become easier for you to engage your customer if you know what content they like to see. Greater customer engagement leads to greater sales. You must have a consistent theme. For example, you can post long-form content like music, marketing, or particular products or services you offer on Youtube but the Instagram works best with short-form videos. If you combine all or some of them, you might confuse your audience.   Provide captivating content: After you have gauged the content your audience like to see, you can make content that grips your audience. Content that provides valuable information with a hint of humor always sells. For example, if you add a meme relating to trending topics while providing information on Twitter or Instagram, there are higher chances the audience would want to engage. With this, you can also make a potential consumer aware of the product or services you sell. Another example can be seen on Reddit. People engage more with the content on Reddit when you have a captivating or humorous hook of the content. This way you attract business while keeping the consumers entertained.   Create a personalized customer experience: Go above and beyond in your interactions. Always make time to reply to the comments on platforms like  Quora or Reddit, especially when you are starting. Even if you have negative comments on your posts, respond to them on a positive note. Help your customers with all their queries. When a customer comments on a post, they initiate a conversation expecting reciprocation. When you reciprocate, you gain their confidence. Hence, more sales!   USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR INCREASING    
                                      CUSTOMER   ENGAGEMENT
  Post regularly: Stay active on your social media. The key to great consumer engagement is consistency. Social media today works on the Out-of-sight, out-of-mind principle. When people see you regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram among other social media platforms, they are drawn towards your content more. Stay on top of the trends while maintaining your authenticity. While posting about promotions is good for the business, the valuable content would increase your engagement with your customers.   Use high-quality visuals: Instagram and Tumblr-like platforms attract the audience with their high-quality visuals. Your posts and captions must attract your customers. You can use attention-grabbing captions or make your posts colorful to stand out from the competitors. You can use videos, GIFS, and infographics to attract consumers. Canva is a great free tool, to begin with for making attractive posts. Make sure your content has no errors or false information and is shown in a very uniform and presentable manner.   Collaborations:  One of the great ways to engage your followers and also gain followers is to collaborate with different businesses on social media. Tons of small businesses on Instagram and Facebook are using this method to popularize their products and services. You must find the right businesses to work together. It can help your brand as well as the one you are collaborating with. You can tap into each other’s follower base. You can also include giveaways and contests for further consumer engagement. People tend to attract more when they are given freebies, discounts, and coupons. USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR INCREASING    
                                      CUSTOMER   ENGAGEMENT
These are some of the essential strategies which will most definitely help you gain consumer engagement on social media. Along with this, remember to have some fun while growing your presence on social media. Make sure to avoid burdening yourself with timelines, posts, likes, comments, shares, and reach all the time. You have to enjoy the process. Always remember, your journey is more beautiful than the destination. When you look back on how far you have reached, you need to have joy and satisfaction for your business.
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